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Coming soon!

The Spectra Crown Tales will be a series of fairy tale retellings, with the descendants of the Keita's Wings characters. The books can stand alone or be read together.

Look for them starting 2022.

A list of characters can be found here.

A Beauty and the Beast Retelling

He's a soldier in a revolution.

She's a healer from a secret race.

Nether can succeed without the other.

The empire tore apart Perrin’s family and destroyed his future. All he has left is the desire to fight back, no matter how hopeless the cause. Then he meets Allee Pensier. Her people, the Spectra, are long believed extinct, and their strict laws prevent them from revealing themselves. But when Perrin saves Allee’s humanity, he forges a connection between them. Her people have the power to turn the tide of the war, but seeking their aide may break Allee’s trust. If only two people from such different backgrounds could ever work together.

Princess Lilac is a dreamrover. Her abilities are secret from her kingdom and her father, who believe that dreamrovers are dangerous despite an uneasy truce. When a vengeful outlaw begins attacking northern cities, her father is certain that dreamrovers are behind it. To uncover the truth, she'll have to investigate... and maybe find the dreamer who's been her best friend as long as she can remember, someone she knows only through dreams. If only she knew how long he's been asleep...

The royal crown has gone missing on the eve of Princess Innis's coronation, and Alvis Welson is certain that the twelve princesses had something to do with it. His fox form gives him near invisibility, but the kings and queens would rather blame him than their daughters. With the human and Spectra populations nearing war, Alvis will have to find the answers before he loses his head... or his heart.

A Sleeping Beauty Retelling                                  A Twelve Dancing Princesses Retelling