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The Spectra: Keita's Wings

Exiled and hunted, Keita Sage must unite six magical kingdoms to save her land, stop the dark society that destroyed her family, and just maybe find a place to call home in this exciting fantasy series. The first three volumes are available in paperback and ebook on amazon.com or your favorite online bookstore. Three more will follow.

Keita Sage always found being a princess nothing but trouble. Before her father’s death, she was confined to her family’s hidden vale: eclipsed by her brother, scavenging for an education, left behind on adventures. Now she's in exile. Keita would rather climb trees in remote mountains, but the evil Stygians who seized the thrones and scattered her family are destroying her world. To save it, she must unite the other surviving heirs from all six Spectra kingdoms while dodging armies, bounty hunters, false rumors, and the Stygians themselves. If Keita wants a safe place to call home, she'll have to build one herself.

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The story continues with three more books.

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Individual books below:

Nomelands, Spring of 226

Hiding has kept exiled princess Keita Sage alive for months.  

The Stygians stole the thrones of all six kingdoms, leaving Keita and a few other royal heirs with no family and no home. For the past few months she’s been creeping behind the scenes, helping those worse off, until a traitor hunts her down and a prisoner begs for assistance.  

Keita has never wanted her title or the attention that comes with it, but now she’s back in the limelight, back in the crosshairs.  

Surviving is no longer enough.

eBook and paperback, 340 pages

ISBN: 978-1-63490-724-8

Release date: September 2015


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The Spectra Unearthed is a thrilling tale of friendship and how other's lust for power can bring about misery, as well as being able to draw the downtrodden closer together.

A fantastic read and well worth your time.

--Dacarri, blogger

Someone of any age will find themselves rooting for Sienna and the princesses!

--Kailei at CommonBookSense

If you like fantasy adventure, escapes from peril, unearthing mysteries, exploring new worlds, or finding friends in times of trial, The Spectra Unearthed is a book worth reading and re-reading.

--J.P., reader

Fantasy readers will be delighted by the creative construction of the Spectra kingdoms. Aside from the well-developed characters and action-packed story, Christie Powell's ability to write in such a compelling way is refreshing. 

--Jack, reviewer

Some of the writing here is just beautiful. Ms Christie knows her craft. Poignant, perfect prose at just the right time.

So. A well-told tale in a well-made world populated by characters you can identify with, with a satisfying ending that still leaves you wanting more. What’s not to love?

--James Devo, author of Blood Red

As an avid fantasy reader, it is refreshing to see an author step outside of the realm of pseudo-Tolkienism and create a word that is entirely unique. I love that the magic system is clearly defined with its strengths and limitations. The main character, Keita Sage, is relatable without being flat or stereotypical, the world is detailed enough that the reader gets a good sense of place without being buried in descriptions, and the plot is full of twists that leave the reader guessing and wanting more.

--M.P., reader

Throughout the book, the princesses who are the main characters of the story are captured, escape, flee from danger, charge headlong into danger, all while doing some self reflection and discovery on the side. 

--Shanlynn Walter, author of Dragons of Daegonlot

I've actually never read a book with such a unique world... I quickly found myself intrigued and I couldn't put it down. Literally. Read it all in a single afternoon. I would definitely recommend this.

--K.C., reader

Keita is an awesome character, one with spunk and attitude but just enough determination to steal your heart. She’s a strong female with a great set of morals and an ideal leadership attitude. I think she makes a great model for how female leads should really be portrayed.

--Valicity Garris

Lectranis, Summer of 226

Princess Keita Sage is trapped in the rival kingdom of Lectranis, which was ravaged in the same attack that tore her family apart. Only finding the true heir of Lectranis will allow her to return home.

One of the late king's children can claim the throne, but all seven have dispersed across the kingdom. Keita will have to rely on her companions: her little sister, who she would rather protect than depend on; her best friend, who won’t take orders from anyone; and an uncomfortably perceptive boy she was once required to marry. Restoring peace to Lectranis will require more than her unique abilities, but how can Keita give this distasteful foreign culture her whole heart?

ebook and paperback, 350 pages

ISBN: 1537168851

Release date: September 2016


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The end of the first book flows seamlessly into the beginning of this second book. Once again, I was entertained by Keita's adventures. There doesn't seem to be a dull moment in this epic fantasy, and the writing is even better than the first book.

-- Jack, book reviewer

Congratulations to the author for refining and diversifying her writing. I would highly recommend this to avid readers of epic fantasy tales.

       --Shanlynn Walter, author of Dragons of Daegonlot

I appreciate the character growth and exploration of themes that feel very relevant but scarce in such divisive times. Among people she does not particularly like or trust, in a land that she mostly just wants to leave, Keita must find a way to move beyond mere tolerance and seek not what is merely best for herself, but for everyone.

If you like quests, fantasy adventure, evil pigs, dealing with strange relatives, gathering clues, service projects, or discovering what is important, The Spectra United will be a great book to read and to share.

--J.P., reader

Spritelands, Autumn of 226

After a year of exile, Keita Sage is a stranger to her home. Before her father’s death, she was confined to her family’s hidden vale: eclipsed by her brother, scavenging for an education, left behind on adventures. Now she and Zuri, her brother’s betrothed, are meeting the kingdom properly: unsheltered, unescorted. Her cousin, the usurping king, is on their trail. Uniting the six clans is the only way to defeat him but Keita struggles to unify with the people who dragged her from home. She and Zuri must work together, but one thing stands between them: when the dust settles, only one can stay.

ebook and paperback, 370 pages

ISBN: 1974290239

Release date: September 2017


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Oh man, this one was great! The journey through Spritelands had just the right amount of action, revelation, and insight into what drives Keita through all of the hardship.

My only regret is that the 4th installment isn't out yet, because I can't wait to see what happens next!

                                        --Amanda, reader